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– Store 16 items on 1 hanger
– Gentle with your valuable items, cradling them in fabric loops

– Securely holds your stored items so they don’t fall off when adding or removing other items from the hanger
– Made of solid Beech wood with Luxury Blue Candy Cords
– Can be Personalised
– Contact us for International Shipping Rates
– Handmade in England
– Registered design


To personalise your design, please create an account on checkout and instructions will be emailed along with your receipt.


Delux Hanger Storage Solution - Solid Beech

  • Have you ever experienced a problem and thought: “there must be a better way of doing this…”?

    This is how the Hangersmith Storage Hanger was born.

    What I especially like about this method is that it overcomes several of the problems I had with other designs:

    • Space Efficient (lots of scarves on a single hanger {16 storage loops} – many more than the 3 or 4 I got knotted onto the crossbar of an ordinary clothes hanger)

    • Gentle with valuable items – the fabric cords cradle stored accessories without making me pull them through a hole or hang them over hooks or hard surfaces

    • Stable – Scarves, Bags, Belts, Ties, Bra’s or whatever it is that you are storing all stay where they are put (they don’t go sliding to one end of the hanger, like they did when we used curtain rings on a clothes hanger or slipping off a rail when we remove a neighbouring scarf)

    • Secure – Flexible cords can move without getting unhooked so items don’t get knocked off when I add or remove an item next to it on the hanger

    • It’s easy to see and get to each individual item that has been stored so you can use them all (not just the top few you can get to easily)

    • Unused fixing points are easy to see and use so it’s easy to find an unused spot when you need it

    • Large beads are easy to take hold of so there is less fuss to store things (and it is easier for people with physical difficulties like arthritis to use)

    • Items being stored all hang at a similar height (so I don’t have some of the scarves in the lower rings of a layered ring hanger hanging on the floor)

    – These advantages mean that my family are more likely to keep things tidy now; whereas before they would be more likely to “dump and leave for later”


    Like many people around the world, we have built up a collection of scarves and bags that, until recently, formed part of a slightly chaotic pile and series of partly successful attempts at getting organised.

    I tried hanging scarves and bags over hangers, on rings and several other current solutions but they only worked if I was “being good” and took the time to use them properly – most of the time these things tend to get piled up on something sticking out or dumped on a shelf / in a drawer.

    In a moment of inspiration, I came up with the idea of using a flexible cord to be drawn under the scarf, bag, or whatever will suit this way of storage and securing the end of it to a hanger (this design has been registered with further registrations pending)

    • For Scarves or any other long flexible item, I found this storage method is easier than poking the end of a piece of cloth through a hole and pulling half of it through or knotting a scarf onto a hanger or any of the other methods I’ve tried (you can’t get many scarves onto a hanger in this way so you need lots of hangers and this uses a lot of hanging space – particularly if you have quite a few scarves)

    • For Bags, we were hanging multiple bags over a single hanger which works well enough, but you tend to have to take the hanger off the rail to get a bag off and the one you want might not be the one on the top

    • For Belts, fold the belt in half like a tie or scarf or pass the bead end of cord through the loop of the buckle

    • For Ties, the cord supports the tie, folded in the middle of its length

    • Peak caps – pass the beaded end through the gap between the adjustable strap and the fabric of the cap

    • For Bra’s and Camisoles, they can be suspended by looping one of the flexible cords around straps or anything suitable.

    Hangersmith is a registered trademark

    – Please note: Scarves and accessories shown are for display purposes only and are not included with a Hangersmith hanger when purchased

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