The Gentle Hanger Storage Solution


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What is Hangersmith?


 Proudly British and handcrafted especially for you, Hangersmith is a brand that has created an innovative solution to storing scarves, bags, belts, ties and more in a space efficient design. No longer do you need to have multiple hooks to hold your clothing or hide them away in a drawer.

The Hangersmith Storage Hanger overcomes several design problems that I had noticed with other solutions to clothing storage. It is space efficient and can hold up to 16 items on just one hanger, making the items easy to see and grab when you are reaching into your wardrobe. The flexible chords that are used to fasten items to the hanger are easy to move, while the large beads keep items fixed firmly in place until you need to use them.

What Makes The Hangersmith Hanger Solution Unique?

Space Efficient

Lots of scarves on a single hanger – more than the 3 or 4 I got knotted onto the crossbar of an ordinary clothes hanger so I save space in my cupboard (1 hanger instead of 4 or more!).


The flexible cords hold items securely and gently so valuable items don’t get damaged by being pulled through or hooked over hard surfaces


The scarves and other items all stay where I put them and they don’t go sliding off or to one end of the hanger, like they would on a normal one.


Items don’t get knocked off  the hanger when you add or remove one next to it, so no there is no mess to clean up.

Same Height

Everything hangs from a similar height so you don’t have some of the items in the lower rings of some designs hanging on the floor.

For Ties

The cords will support a tie in the middle of its length for efficient hanging and easy access.

For Belts

The cord is passed through the loop of the belt's buckle for convenient and efficient hanging.

For Bags

You can now hang lots of bags next to each other with ease and get them off individually without fuss.

For Peak Caps

Thread the bead end of the cord through the gap at the back between the adjustable strap and the fabric of the cap and store your caps neatly and easily, so you can see and use any of them as you want to

For Bras

They can be suspended by looping a cord between the 2 cups or through one of the arm straps

For Other Items

The list of things that can be stored is really only limited only by our imaginations – please tell us and share pictures of how you are using your Hangersmith Hangers.

An Innovative Storage Solution



 “We received our hangers for our wedding gift, such a unique gift personalised with our names on it for an added special touch. Having just moved as well it was an easy way to unpack our scarves and had meant we can see them all rather than just wearing the same old scarves at the top of the box each day! They are very sturdy and built to last we get lots of comments about them when showing our friends around our new home. Thank you Ant for our wonderful hangers we use them daily.” - Leah

“I received my Hangersmith storage hanger as a wedding gift and it’s been one of the most useful and well used gifts that we were given. I use it to store my scarves and bags and it’s so simple to use - making it easy to see all of my scarves and grab which one I want. I used to use the same one or two scarves all of the time as the others were buried at the back of the cupboard. I can now see them all and put my hand to them easily. The hanger does not take up much space in the wardrobe and the extra special touch is that it is personalised with my name on it. I like the finish of the wood and the high quality of the product. The coloured loops brighten the hanger up. Thank You Hangersmith for organising my scarf pile with your ingenious product!” - Katie

“I am delighted with my new Hangersmith hanger. Thank you for such a well thought out design. It fits beautifully in my cupboard, is so well weighted and has plenty of space to store all my scarves. I have my scarves hanging neatly in my cupboard now and one of the many features I love about my hanger is that It’s so easy to take a scarf off the hanger to wear. I don’t take all of them at once, only the one I want to wear and the hanger keeps its balance. Plus, it’s super easy to put my scarf back in position with no pulling on the fabric and no stuffing on top of my other scarves as there’s plenty of storage space on both sides. I just love it and can’t wait to give some to my friends as a gift. In my opinion they make an Ideal Gift. Can’t wait to buy more.” - Steph Pons

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Solid Beech Scarf Hanger by Hangersmith

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Solid Cedar Wood Scarf Hanger by Hangersmith

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Personalised Scarf Hanger by Hangersmith

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